Empowering vulnerable populations for sustainable development

Recent Activity and Project

Peace building in Lango:

GLOFORD is partnered with Dialogue for Peace Uganda (DPU) and Northern Uganda Transitional Justice Working Group (NUTJWG) to address the root causes of the current conflict within the Lango Cultural Foundation.



GLOFORD recently completed the Community Health Advocacy Network (CHAIN) project in consortium with Lira NGO Forum and Women Peace Initiative. 



Current Projects:

1. CEGG:

Community Empowerment for Good Governance (CEGG) has seen preliminary success in strengthening the capacity of citizens of target sub counties in Lira and Amolatar districts to participate in local governance and accountability processes. GLOFORD is partnered with Lango Samaritan Initiative Organization (LSIO) and Lira NGO Forum to implement a two-year grant from USAID (GAPP).

2. Youth Voice project

This is a one year project funded by National Democratic Institute through Uganda National NGO Forum. The project is increasing the capacity, effective representation and civic competence of 1,963 (M=60%, F=40%) youth and youth leaders in Lira Municipality, Lira District by end of 2015. The project implementation started in February 2015 and has so far reached 600 youths.


3. Youth in Governance and Leadership (YoGAL) funded by USAID GAPP 

 YoGAL is a two year project whose implementation started in February 2015. Its intended to contribute to youth empowerment for increased youth participation in Local Government planning and development processes, Leadership and accountability in the sub counties of Lira, Barr, Lira Municipality (Adyel, Ojwina, Railways and Central Divisions), Lira district by January 2017. The project targets 8,000 direct beneficiaries and has so far reached about 500 youths. 6 youth parliaments of 25 members each have been formed and being mentored by GLOFORD to champion youth issues at community and LLG levels.